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Torbjörn ha been awarded among other things: Communication consultant of the year in Sweden CEO of the year in market research industry in Europe Apart from being CEO of Novus, Torbjörn is regularly holding lectures for major news rooms, politicians and scientists. Torbjörn is also actively working with government initiatives to increase the trust in the democracy in Sweden. The presentation focus mainly about about polls, political trends, populism, trust, and the media landscape. Novus is one of the best known market research and analysis firms in Sweden. The only research company that comply with all swedish news outlets requirements to publish market research and opinion polls. Novus research focus on three levels that unite all our customers. What is the view on the issue, always the baseline, but the operational value is limited although it is not uncommon to stop here. Why is the view the way it is, here you start to get operational value of the research How, when you know what and why you can start focusing on how to change that Looking at the bigger picture is what sets Novus apart from a lot of traditional market research, and the reason Novus is one of the best known and trusted in Sweden.
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