• Political consulting/marketing
  • Campaign strategy/management
  • Political communications
  • Government Relations
  • Public Relations/Affairs
  • Research & polling
  • Online strategy & marketing
  • Fundraising
  • Voter contact
  • Non-Profit consulting/marketing


I am an international political consultant who helps increase people's participation in parties, politics and parliament through the use of grassroots tools for advocacy, innovative campaign approaches and leadership development. I work with political organizations and NGOs throughout Europe, the United States, Africa and the Middle East in four main areas, (1) to help improve the quality of campaigns and elections, and bring new voices into politics and support strong civic leaders, (2) increase women's political participation by creating an enabling environment for equality, (3) respond to disinformation and build transatlantic networks to weaken its impact, (4) provide political and economic assessments of countries in conflict for international investors and donors.
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