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Set up in 2000, Korki & Associates has worked on government, party and candidate communications and strategy. In 2002, the company successfully reversed bad press suffered by the Lagos State Government due to adversarial cartoons by developing an engagement process which led to mutual understanding of the concerns of both parties. In 2003, the company developed government relations initiative which included a government monthly bulletin that kept stakeholders aware of Lagos State Government's programmes. In appreciation of our company's services and faced be a re-election agenda, the government invited me to join its team in March 2003 as Deputy Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, Mr. Bola Tinubu.Two years later, I became the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor. My tasks included - Monitoring the print, electronic and digital media Speech writing and delivery performance Polling and research of perception of audiences Communicating policies to electorate Election campaign strategy and management Political advertising Media management Opposition research and engagement. I served out the four-year term which ended in May 2007 and returned to the consultancy which took over the political communications of the former governor Tinubu. I also tested my skills in political strategy by running for chairmanship of the Ejigbo Local Council Development Area. I won the primaries of the party and proceeded to win the local government elections in October 2008, I was re-elected in October 2011 thus running the local government as executive chairman for six solid years. During this period, I was an advisor for the party, Action Congress of Nigeria and the Conference of Local Government Chairmen in Lagos State on political communications. Following the expiration of my tenure of two terms of three years, I resumed consultancy and advised the Campaign secretariat of Presidential candidate Muhammadu Buhari on mobilisation of delegates for the primaries and following his emergence, on media. My modest contribution as the secretary of the Political Communications Directorate headed by veteran strategist, Mr. Dele Alake led to the election of Candidate Muhammadu Buhari as Nigeria's president. In recognition of these services, I was invited to join the State Executive Council, the highest ruling organ of the Lagos State Government as the Special Adviser, on Communities & Communications in October, 2015. In January, 2016, the Association of Political Consultants-Africa, APCAfrica, was formed in Cape Town, South Africa and I was elected the chairman of its Interim Committee. In April, 2016, it held its conference in Lagos, Nigeria where I was elected its first President. You may wish to check our activities on www.africapoliticalconsultants.com.
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