Top 10 reasons for joining us in Antigua

Fast Politics: This year’s EAPC conference
26 September 2013
Donna’s in. Are you?
26 September 2013

If you still need some convincing, here are the top 10 reasons to attend IAPC 2013 Antigua:

  1. More than 150 top consultants from more than 20 countries will be there;
  2. Donna Brazile will give a Special Presentation;
  3. Politico’s Battleground Pollsters Ed Goeas and Celinda Lake will present;
  4. A Boat Cruise around the island;
  5. We’ll conference at a Five-Star Resort with a Five-Star Chef. All you can eat. All you can drink (top shelf). Bar opens at 10:30 am (uh oh);
  6. A Gala Dinner with a special surprise preceded by an amazing reception at the Bluff House;
  7. A reception with the Prime Minister & featuring an Antigua lobster dinner;
  8. Presentations from Latin America and Europe’s top political consultants;
  9. A frank conversation from consultants representing different generations and parts of the world;
  10. All of this on a beautiful and warm tropical island!
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