Save the Date: Rome 2014

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6 January 2014
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10 August 2014

This year’s IAPC World Conference will be held in Rome, November 16—19, with the theme of Eternal Crisis.

IAPC encourages members and others to book their stay at the conference hotel, Rome Cavalieri.

About the conference theme:

The theme of this year’s IAPC annual conference could not be more timely and on target. Eternal Crisis sums up not only Europe today but the world in general. It encompasses the greatest challenges of today’s political and public affairs professionals: how to help manage crisises and build consensus over people, institutions and issues in a world constantly on the brink of exploding.

Today chaos and crisis are the norm rather than the exception. War and terrorism, are just a part of the challenge. New companies, even industries, rise and fall faster than ever, elected officials no longer have 100 days honeymoon before they start to lose voters confidence, and “breaking news” is now the norm, not the exception.

We’ll explore how organizations and politicians can not only adapt and thrive in the new environment but anticipate and get ahead of events. But to do that we need you. Please join your peers as leading strategists, communications experts, politicians and analysts as we explore the tools and techniques needed to win in an era of permanent campaigning, constant change and Eternal Crisis.

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