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30 January 2019
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30 January 2019

IAPC 2019 Transport: Shuttle Bus


Reserves a seat at a 50 person bus.

Booking will be available until August 31 at the latest with registration.

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Transport from Munich Airport to Passau

Munich Airport serves as the arrival airport for the 52nd IAPC World Conference. It is around 200 km to Passau from here. Coaches seating 50 passengers will be put on by the organisers for transport from Munich to Passau. The travel time is approximately two hours. Departures: Bus 1: 9 am, bus 2: 2 pm.

It is also possible to book a minibus for eight people, for individual arrival in Passau. There are also train connections running every two hours. The journey time is 2 hours 45 minutes. Minibuses and train tickets can be booked directly at Munich Airport.

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