Past Conferences

From its inception, the IAPC recognized that annual world conferences were the best vehicle to bring together its membership for the dual roles of fostering the growing and diverse profession of political consultants as well as advancing the practical aspects of democratic elections.  Beginning in 1968, the IAPC conferences have been bringing together members to exchange views and information about political developments and campaign techniques.  Organizationally, this conference which is held each November in a different city around the world.

Beginning with the First World Conference which was convened in Paris in November 1968, IAPC conferences have been held annually as follows:

Year   Place   President
2013   Antigua   Felipe Noguera
2012   New York   Felipe Noguera
2011   Istanbul   Tom Edmonds
2010   Paris   Tom Edmonds
2009   Panama   Tom Edmonds
2008   Washington   Mario Ballerini
2007   Bali   Ben Goddard
2006   Barcelona   Ben Goddard
2005   Berlin   Volker Riegger
2004   Vancouver   Volker Riegger
2003   Prague   Ken Feltman
2002   Rio de Janeiro   Ken Feltman
2001   Malta   Sepp Hartinger
2000   Washington   Sepp Hartinger
1999   Milano   Rick Ridder
1998   Vienna   Rick Ridder
1997   Buenos Aires   Bo Krogvig
1996   Miami   Bo Krogvig
1995   Dublin   Paul Buiar
1994   Johannesburg   Paul Buiar
1993   Stockholm   Jonathan Gaul
1992   Beverly Hills   Jonathan Gaul
1991   Sydney   John M. Seigle
1990   Budapest   John M. Seigle
1989   Nice   Klaus Golombek
1988   San Francisco   Klaus Golombek
1987   Istanbul   Joseph Cerrell
1986   San Juan   Joseph Cerrell
1985   Venice   Harry Walter
1984   Washington   Harry Walter
1983   Jerusalem   Michael Rowan
1982   Berlin   Michael Rowan
1981   Paris   Josè Luis Sanchìs-Armelles
1980   Washington   Josè Luis Sanchìs-Armelles
1979   Madrid   F. Clifton White
1978   London   F. Clifton White
1977   St. Tropez   Michael Bongrand
1976   Washington   Joseph Napolitan
1975   Paris   Max Beauchez
1974   Majorca   Max Beauchez
1973   Amsterdam   Max Beauchez
1972   Washington   Max Beauchez
1971   Brussels   Joseph Napolitan
1970   London   Joseph Napolitan
1969   Florence   Michel Bongrand
1968   Paris   Michel Bongrand