Iceland Conference 2017

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11 December 2015
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8 March 2017


The 50th IAPC Conference  |  November 9-12, 2017  |  Reykjavik, Iceland

A Political Volcano?

Around the globe, there has been a virtual political volcano of populism, nationalism and incipient autocracy.  The 50th IAPC Conference in Reykjavik will examine these eruptions with our members, and special guest speakers. Among the questions to pose:  Is this just a point in time, or a long-term trend with significant impacts on democracy?

The speaker list will be announced in the next few months, but in the meantime: save the date and plan on:

  • A welcome reception at the Vox Home
  • A trip to Thingvellir, the national shrine of Iceland. It is the location of the oldest existing parliament in the world first assembled in 930 AD
  • An authentic Viking Dinner
  • A trip to the famed the Blue Lagoon (optional)
  • The Gala Dinner to be held in a special location in unforgettable surroundings.

Bring your sweater, and your Viking spirit!

Reykjavik, 2017

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