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Harpa Concert Hall

Get excited! The IAPC’s 50th Annual World Conference is in Reykjavik this November 9th – 12th.

Register now for the special Early Bird Rate (until September 15th)!

The IAPC will be celebrating half a century of IAPC conferences in the home of the world’s oldest parliamentary democracy: Reykjavik, Iceland. 

The theme of this year’s conference is “Political Volcano: Democracy at Risk.” Conference planners are putting together a schedule of fascinating panels touching upon the most relevant and urgent issues in politics today. Panels include (check out more detailed program here):

Political Volcano: Democracy at Risk
Are modern populist movements a threat to democracy, or merely a new expression of democratic ideals in action? Panelists will consider the worldwide populist movement and its implications.

The Weaponized Web
The past year has seen campaign cyber security—or the lack of it—become front-page news. This panel with Hillary Clinton's former campaign manager Robby Mook will discuss the weaponized web in political campaigns, national security, and international relations, and its potential impact on global democracy.

The Outliers: Where Populism Has Failed
Not all populist politicians have been victorious. We will look and where and why populism has failed, and what this means for political races in the future.

Fake News
Slanted, specious, or just plain trumped-up: spurious stories abounded in the 2016 US presidential race. The proliferation of “fake news” has coincided with unprecedented attacks on the legitimacy of traditional news sources. What’s the real impact of “fake news”?

On the social side, the conference will feature a trip to Thingvellir, where over a thousand years ago Icelandic chieftains debated politics and law. A “Viking Dinner” is included, offering a chance to try traditional Icelandic cuisine. Attendees will have the option of a trip to the beautiful Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spa surrounded by lava fields. The Gala Dinner will be held in the stunning Harpa Concert Hall overlooking the ocean. 

The Early Bird rates are 755 USD for IAPC members, $555 for guests. Don’t forget to pay your membership dues to receive the member rate! Early Bird registration has been extended until September 15.

The Conference Hotel is Hilton Reykjavik Nordica book rooms here after registering. If you need help with registration, please contact Ari on

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