EAPC’s 22nd Annual Conference

Aung San Suu Kyi Receives IAPC Democracy Award 22 Years Later
8 March 2017
Registration opens for IAPC’s 2017 conference in Iceland
1 July 2017

From the growth of populist movements across Europe to Britain’s vote for Brexit, and the election of Donald Trump, voters are expressing their dissatisfaction with the status quo. Right – populist parties have made inroads in recent elections by joining xenophobic, anti-immigrant sentiment with calls to refocus government on the needs and struggles of the native-born.

EAPC’s annual conference will examine the complex web of social, moral and political concerns that are driving this unrest, with an upclose look at how politics can address the concern of voters driving this populist wave. We will explore how political leaders and strategies, using modern campaign tools, can be more effective in responding to the anxiety that is producing the support for populist movements.

Conference panels, workshops and sessions will address:

  • Global Populism: Tools for fighting demagogues at the ballot box and as heads of state: trends, strategies, and lessons learnt 
  • Fear of refugees and the impact on elections through research/framing strategies and other ways to speak to marginalized voters
  • How a campaign contends with a “post fact” world of fake news, propoganda and framing
  • Millennials: Youth vote and its role in recent elections, including media consumption habits and how to engage
  • How populism impacts women’s rights across Europe and strategies for increasing women’s participation 
  • France, Germany, Italy & UK Elections : Populist Movements agains to mainstream 
  • Key learnings from 2016 US Presidential elections.
  • Polling methodology up close: is it still a reliable tool? 
  • Digital, mobile and data : innovation for democracy 
  • The effects of populism in Latin American elections

 EAPC’s 22nd Annual Conference will be held in Brusseles, from May 28th till May 30th. You can register here.

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