Democracy Medal Nominations are Open!

Registration opens for IAPC’s 2017 conference in Iceland
1 July 2017
Democracy Medal 2017 – Time to Vote!
16 October 2017

Since 1982 IAPC has awarded a Democracy Medal to an organization or an individual who in the judgment of its membership has worked courageously to foster, promote and sustain the democratic process anywhere in the world.
A burnished rendering of the Acropolis is etched in relief on the face of the large bronze medal. The back side contains the engraved name of the recipient and the year it was given. Appropriately, the certificate which accompanies the Medal includes this universally recognized definition of democracy.

Nominations for 2017 are open from now until October 10th. IAPC accepts nominations from members only.

Prospective nominees are individuals or organizations who optimize the mission of the organization by their commitment to fostering democracy and the democratic process throughout the world. Starting on October 4th, members will be able to cast their vote for the democracy champion of the year.

The winner will be awarded at the IAPC’s 50th Annual World Conference in Reykjavik November 9-12th.

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