Democracy Medal 2017 – Time to Vote!

Democracy Medal Nominations are Open!
20 September 2017
Former President of the IAPC and Democracy Award medalist, Ben Goddard, passed away
19 June 2018

Since 1982 IAPC has awarded a Democracy Medal to an organization or an individual who in the judgment of its membership has worked courageously to foster, promote and sustain the democratic process anywhere in the world.
Considering the gravity of threats against democracy throughout the globe this year, the Democracy Medal is more precious and significant than ever before. The nominations for Democracy Medal 2017 are concluded and it is time to vote now!

Here are the nominees for Democracy Medal 2017:

  • David Maraga, Chief Justice and President Supreme Court of Kenya
  • Kemal Kilicdaroglu, Turkey’s opposition leader
  • Suzanne Silantoi Lengewa, Candidate for Nairobi Senator

All members should fulfill their democratic right by casting their votes for one of the nominees. We invite you all to treasure this opportunity as an important mission of democracy and possibility to crown the ones who revive and prosper it.
Voting process for 2017 is open from now until October 19th. You can cast your vote by emailing your vote to:

The winner will be awarded at the IAPC’s 50th Annual World Conference in ReykjavikNovember 9-12th

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