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3 December 2013
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12 March 2014

The following is based on an email from our friend and colleague Sepp Hartinger.

Last night I received an email from Petra Karthaus. She told me that Harry died peacefully in the night of December 30.

His heart stopped during the night and he never woke up.

I had a call with Harry just before Christmas. He was so happy to go to his Ranch in Canada after several events celebrating the 100th birthday of Willy Brandt in Germany.

He went to Canada together with Petra on December 28. Three days later he passed away.

Harry was one of the European pioneers of political consulting. Born in 1929 in Berlin, he started his carreer as a photographer for a city newspaper. In 1963, Harry became Creative Director of R.W. Egger in Düsseldorf and one year later co-founder of the Germany Art Directors Club.

In 1969 Harry moved over to political campaigning, playing a key role in the first, very successful campaign for Willy Brandt. With his own agency (ARE) Harry worked more than 80 campaigns in Germany and foreign countries — including Turkey, Venezuela, Portugal, Peru, Kenya, Equador, Costa Rica, Chile and Nicaragua.

Harry was a long-time member of the IAPC. He joined during the 1970’s. In 1982 he was organizer for the IAPC World Conference in Berlin. From 1983 to 1985, he served as IAPC President and, following that, served more than 20 years as IAPC Treasurer. He was one of our pillars in the IAPC and we will miss him and his comments in every future Conference.

It was always a dream of Harry to be at the ranch in Canada, and to be there for his passing. Petra will scatter his ashes this summer at his favorite place in a ceremony. As soon as the dates are fixed, you will be invited to take part.

During 2013 we, the IAPC colleagues, lost three of our very good friends, advisers and pioneers: Harry Walter, Joe Napolitan and Horst Becker. It is so sad, but we will always keep Harry, Joe and Horst deeply in our minds.

Best regards
Sepp Hartinger

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