Introduction from the IAPC Chair

Welcome to the website of the International Association of Political Consultants.

Members of the IAPC play a crucial role in elections throughout the world; a role at once laudable and essential to the advancement of the democratic process and to the very ideals we’ve pledged to uphold. Few would dispute the weaknesses inherent to the democratic process and to the campaigns that are vital to that process.

But we universally recognize the superiority of democracy over all other forms of government. The dignity of man, individual freedoms, and perhaps most important of all, the right to choose and remove elected leaders are a universal principle that transcends culture, language, and geography. 

Like others before us, we find ourselves in trying times. The list of challenges is seemingly endless: economic crisis, wars and threats of wars, terrorism, disease, famine, and many others. Despite these challenges, the members of the IAPC are united in a common purpose: a dedication to improving our profession and to protect and foster democracies throughout the world. They also mean that we must remain eternally vigilant and that the profession in which we are engaged is even more important in protecting the principles to which we have dedicated our lives.

I hope you’ll feel free to contact me if you’re interested in knowing more about the IAPC, our annual conference, the Democracy Award or membership in our organization. 

Signature of Tom Edmonds

Thomas N. Edmonds

Washington, DC